About The Brand

Our team has been in the apparel industry for over 20 years we started in Downtown Los Angeles in 2001. At first, we started selling wholesale t-shirts, and hoodies bought from major brands and became their distributor, however as the years progressed and innovation started to occur, we began to see a disconnect in quality, ethical sourcing, and manufacturing. It became apparent labels were trying to pound out large quantities and lower their own cost regardless of the consequences this would entail.

We had no control in how the materials were sourced, products were made, or whether the team involved in the production was being ethically compensated.

Fast forward to today, we started our own factory in our country of Pakistan and decided to invest more into the products we make and our people.

Materials are ethically sourced from our vendors all around the world and made in our factories where our team of workers are getting paid fair living wages.

Each product is carefully designed and sampled in Los Angeles; California handcrafted by our seamstresses.

This is how Panoramic came to be. We decided to take a step back and look at what the industry was lacking from a panoramic view and well the rest is history.

We do not believe in having investors, in “Mega-corporations, obsessed with handing profits over to shareholders, grow bigger and bigger, churning out cheap stuff” – Baynard Winthrop (American Giant, CEO).

When you shop Panoramic, you are investing in hard-working people, honest values, and quality clothing built to last.

With our brand our long terms goals are to help eliminate sweatshops, build our USA factory and transition over to 100% environmentally friendly materials and provide our customers with quality products.